Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Aluminum Pressure Cooker Feature:

Safe and reliable; NO BURSTING!

Scientifically Designed; Grace and Beautiful.

Operational Safety and Pressure Control are Both item exempt from Customs Inspection. The Rubber Ring has a service life of over Five Years; Durable and Convenient. 

Aluminum Pressure Cooker Video:

Aluminum Pressure Cooker Notes:

1.The time is calculated when working pressure is reach ed (when you see the steam keep on jetting constantly from the valve holes). At the mean time, the fire has better be turned down a little two weaken the flame. 

2.The degree of cooked food is tested after the cooker is naturally cooled to normal pressure, you should realize that the boiling state keeps for a period of time even if the fire is turned off. 

3.Everyone has a taste of his own. What listed above are for reference only. We hope you’ll soon get experienced in making your own favourite meal with the cooker, and so please write to tell us if you really enjoy it. 

Aluminum Pressure Cooker Instructions:

1.When cooking porridge, on seeing the pressure limiting valve release steam steadily, you should turn down the fire to avoid porridge liquid jetting from the boles. You will soon get experienced in using it. 

2.The maximum volume of food being- cooked at one time is restricted. 

Those food which is expansible or produce bubbles when cooked, such as rice or beans, should be no more than two thirds of the total capacity. While the other kind, such as fish or meat, no more than three fourths of the total capacity. 

3.The working pressure if all types of the products is 50KPA. The valve is NOT exchangeable. Only relative valve is applied to a certain type of cooker. Never let the valve be stuffed to – blockage. It’s pipes and holes should be clean. 

4.The bolt, bolt sleeve and bearing in the center of the lid have been smeared with oil in the factory. So wash the lid gently with a piece of soft cloth in a water flow when necessary. Never dip it in water for a period of long time. 

5.If the cooker is kept idle for a while, it should be cleaned and kept dry, so that no remains will corrode the set. 

6.  After using, please put some water in the cooker for a while and wash it with soft cloth, to prevent the damage on surface coating. 


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