Die-cast aluminum cookware

Die-cast aluminum cookware

Die-cast aluminum cookware is a popular type of cookware today because of its durability, light weight, non-toxic and safe, easy cleaning and fast heating.

What is Die-cast Aluminum Cookware

Pans made from this technology acquire unique strength and heat retention properties. They never get deformed. The process entails pouring pure molten aluminum in finely cut steel moulds to give world-class cookware. When it forms to a pot & pan, the body thickness is usually different. The pot & pan edge will thicker (4.0mm-6.0mm), while the body usually are thinner 3.0-4.0mm) 

The advantages of Die-cast Aluminum Cookware

1. Great Heat Retention with Less Heft

A high-quality, heavy-bottomed die-cast aluminum pan is perfect for all kinds of cooking. Unlike cheaper materials, aluminum has excellent thermal insulation properties. With cheap skillets, you'll find they heat up just fine, but when you put meat, fish, or vegetables in for frying, the heat drops dramatically, making it difficult to grill anything you're cooking perfectly. However, with a die-cast aluminum pan, once the pan is heated, it stays hot like more expensive cast-iron pans. But there are two big differences.

Cast iron cookware or stainless steel cookware is notoriously heavy, while die cast aluminum cookware is relatively light. But don't let that fool you into thinking that aluminum is weak. In fact, die-cast aluminum pans are very durable. Not only will die-cast pans last for years, but they're also scratch-resistant. They're not as heavy as cast iron pans, so you won't need to exercise your arm muscles before lifting them from the pan drawer to the top of the cooker.

2. Heats up Fast and Cools Down Quick

Another disadvantage of cast iron cookware is that it takes a while to heat up. However, this is not the case with die-cast aluminum pans. One of the reasons people love die-cast aluminum pans is that they heat up very quickly, which means you can prepare a roast or stir-fry in seconds instead of minutes. But what's really clever - die-cast cookware cools quickly too. Once you turn off the heat, your die-cast aluminum pan will start to cool, and will soon be cool enough to sit in the sink, ready to be cleaned.

Pococina -  Professional Die-cast Aluminum Cookware Manufacturer

If you're looking for reliable die-casting aluminum cookware supplier, you're at right place. Pococina cookware is manufactured from die cast aluminium (thickness 2-5mm) with non-stick coating. The use of the highest quality and appropriate materials in the production process that guarantees the high quality of Risoli products for a long period (uni-en ISO 9001:2008 and FDA quality certification).


  • Material: Die-cast aluminum

  • Thickness: 2.0/4.5mm

  • Interior: GREBLON® C3 Marble non-stick coating

  • Exterior: Pfluon heat resistant Marble coating

  • Color: rose gold,black,wine red,purple

  • Lids: Glass lid

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