Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Feature:

1.Pococina Pressure Cookers are designed and produced according to GB15066-94 Stainless Steel with nominal working pressure of 80kPa. 

2.Pococina Pressure Cookers are made of excellent quality stainless steel that features fine corrosion resistance, high intensity, and long serviceable life. The bottom of the pressure cooker makes the heat spreads evenly and causes no scorch to the food inside. The overall streamline design of the cooker makes it elegant in appearance and energy-saving in use. 

3.The handles of the pressure cooker are made of quality bakelite to provide good heat-resistance.

4.Multiple safeguard devices

The seal ring is made of silicone gel. It enjoys sound sealing performance and long serviceable life. 

5.The product is applicable to induction stove, gas stove and electric stove (2000W or above).

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Video:

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Notes:

Kindly follow the manual while using Pococina Pressure Cooker for the first time.

Use the pressure cooker only for home cooking. Do not use for other purposes.

This pressure cooker can be used on electric stove, induction stove and gas stove.

Every time you use your pressure cooker, you need to make sure that the safety mechanisms such as Pressure limited valve, Safety valve, and Rubber ring are available. As well, make sure that the lid and body are not damaged.

Don’t use this pressure cooker for deep-frying, and never place this pressure cooker in an oven, as this would destroy the plastic and rubber parts as well as the safety mechanisms.

Never use your pressure cooker without adding liquids such as water, as this could lead to damaging the cooker.

Move the pressure cooker carefully when it is under pressure. Do not touch the hot outer surfaces of the pressure cooker. It is advised to use pot holder or gloves when necessary.

Pressure cookers must be shaken well before opening to avoid spattering of the food.

Never try to force the pressure cooker open before you are certain that the steam inside has been expelled completely.

Stay away from the safety valve while the pressure cooker is in use. Do not cover anything on Pressure Limit Valve when it works.

Keep children away from the pressure cooker when it is being used.


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