Stainless steel stock pot

Stainless steel stock pot

Stainless steel stock pot Buying Guide

1. Detail design of the soup pot

Whether it is the soup pot used in the restaurant or our own at home, the soup pot needs to pay attention to some detailed designs when purchasing. Among the many detailed designs, the most important thing is to observe whether the interior of the soup pot is integrated. Many The outer wall and bottom of the soup pot are not integrated, but are pasted together. Generally, it is not recommended to buy such a soup pot, because it is difficult to clean 100% after use, and it is very easy to hide dirt. Bacteria can grow easily over time.

2. Soup Pot Compatibility

The compatibility of the soup pot refers to the aspects in which the soup pot can be used. For example, the gas stove is the most commonly used in the home, but there are also some people who use the induction cooker. This involves choosing a compatibility when purchasing a soup pot. Good, the best choice is both a gas stove and an induction cooker, which is very convenient to use.

3. The exterior of the soup pot

When buying a soup pot, we should also observe the exterior of the soup pot. Some soup pots have no handles on the outside, and the main purpose of the general soup pot is to make soup. The soup pot is also much deeper than ordinary pots. If there is no handle, it is very inconvenient and easy to burn. When buying a soup pot, try to choose an unpolished one. Although it is not polished, it looks so bright, but after a long time of use, the polished one looks like will be very dirty.

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